My name is Doc Hafferty and for over 30 years I have had a camera in my hands, from my first Canon A1 35mm to my current Canon DSLR's. I majored in graphic arts/photography in high school and college. Since then I have managed to involve my photography skills at every turn in my career path and finally by a stroke of luck I was able to launch Black Chair Photography as a full time artistic endeavor in 2006. In the years since, I have been involved and exposed to various mediums and artists, learning to further improve my technique. Including, but not limited to a clothing line of artistic shirts inspired from my poems and artwork which will be launched March 1st, 2014.

I have established skills in event photography, portraits, head shots, as well as commercial product photography, and have been published in national and local publications. My clients vary and are an eclectic group, everything from motorcycle rallies to municipal police golf tournaments, music festivals to wedding photography, baby cake smashes to boudoir photography. So don't be shy about your photographic needs, I am discrete & professional and will ensure that you will receive an amazing photography experience. I provide striking, daring, and unique photography, striving to provide superior service at an affordable cost.

Legal Stuff: Pretty plain and simple, Do Not Steal Work.  Feel free to share, feel free to tag, link, do just about anything BUT always give photo credit and link back to this website.  All Rights Reserved, Do Not be a douchebag and remove logos or copyright notices... If there is a project you want to use a photo or artwork on, then contact me... 99.9999% of the time I am going to approve it.  All of the images containted herein are either 1) my original works that are registered 2) clip art purchased for commercial application 3) public domain images, i.e. Gustave Dore plate etchings from Dante's Inferno published in 1861 & now in public domain 3) Buster's Snake Oil Shield artwork by

Please check back often for updates in the portfolio section.

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Doc Hafferty


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